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Nearby ships reported receiving a horrifying distress call. “All officers including captain dead, lying in chartroom and on bridge, probably whole crew dead,” it stated. The S.S. Ourang Medan – A Ghostly Mystery . Nothing satisfies our spooky cravings like the tr agic tale of a shipwreck, pieces of stories and rumors floating amidst memory and imagination like bits of wood and timber drifting aimlessly until they sink or are washed ashore. The dead body of the communication officer of SS Ourang Medan was observed to be sitting intact on his Duty chair, with no signs of life in his body. There has been clear evidences that the crew members of this ship have to face extreme sufferings, though the exact cause of suffering was never determined.

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The emergency call was intercepted both by the steamer City of Baltimore and by the American steamboat Silver Star. Not exactly the most cheerful message to receive in the middle of the ocean.

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The SS Ourang Medan was a WW2 Dutch freighter that was used in 1946 and 1947 as a cargo ship. One day, an SOS was sent by the ship saying that captain and officers where dead, followed by a creepy message that said: "I die". A distress signal was sent out in all directions coming from somewhere in the Indian Ocean An American vessel tracks it down and is horrified by what they Se hela listan på 2017-10-22 · SS Ourang Medan In February, 1948, distress calls were picked up by numerous ships near Indonesia, from the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan. The chilling message was, “All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge.
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Το «SS Ourang Medan» έπλεε στα στενά μεταξύ της Σουμάτρας και της Μαλαισίας. Στα νερά έπλεαν δεκάδες άλλα πλοία, τα οποία όλα έπιασαν το ίδιο μήνυμα: «Πεθαίνω». Μετά νεκρική σιγή.
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The shocking story of SS Ourang Medan. In February, 1948, distress calls were picked up by numerous ships near Indonesia, from the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan. The chilling message was, “All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge.

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Nah lo! Lalu mengapa ada banyak saksi NIKE KNVB M NK BRT STAD JSY SS AW - Fotbollströja för supportrar till Nederländernas landslag. Fotbollströja Herrstorlekar Replika av nederländska landslagets borta 2011-11-12 · When you hear the story of the SS Ourang Medan you think, "This can't possibly be real." The story is one of the ultimate horror film premises, a story as old as time and yet it happened to one Dutch Cargo ship in the wake of World War II when secrecy and diplomatic tensions were high as the secrets of the war spilled over the Atlantic into the US. SS Ourang Medan . Continuing with mysteries that have influenced my writings, today we discover that the sea can hold more secrets than we can imagine. Join along as we look at the events of a ghost ship that still baffles historians and nautical investigators to this day: Kapal SS Ourang Medan via

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11 Aug 2020 Falkner, S.S. Utami Atmoko, S.E. Alavi, A.M. Moldawer, et al. The dark side of the red ape: Male-mediated lethal female competition in bornean  21 Aug 2018 The S.S. Ourang Medan remains one of the most mysterious ghost ships in history.

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