2/12/2015 c1 FNeeser I'm looking forward for more (Jonayla becoming a teen, having her first sexual relationship, geting marriage; traveling in her adulthood, along with her mate, to Asia and Oceania, having contact with the last Homo Erectus in Java and with Homo Floresiensis in Flores; Ayla and Jondalar growing old before their daughter's return) , but you wrote a wonderful tale, far better Absolutely loved your imaginative continuation of the adventures of Ayla and Jondalar and it was wonderful to have resolution regarding many of the characters. I am hopeful that there will be a future meeting between Durc and his mother that leads to a settling in both their spirits. Well done. Jondalar has fathered a daughter with Ayla named Jonayla. They become the first true happily monogamous couple. Ayla loves Jondalar. In the third book of Earths Children, they have some conflict.

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Ayla watched with horror as the wounded girl brought up a big, white knife and cut Jondalar above the elbow. When he screamed, she shouted "Jondalar!" and rushed towards him. The woman got up on slightly unsteady feet, and ran away into the forest the same way the black cave-lion-like animal had. Son of Ayla part 1 Chapter 10, an earth's children fanfic | FanFiction "Well, I obviously won't be going on the first spring hunt," Ayla was saying to Jondalar as they stood in the entrance to the lodge. She was near to delivering, and very uncomfortable. Ayla took one last look at the landscape. She could see Beran Sea in the distance and knew that it was her last chance to see her son or the Clan ever again.

At the end of that story Durcan is I believe 11 years old and Jonayla has been mated so it wouldn't be a stretch to pick the story up six years later.

Suddenly a black creature sprang forward, chasing the ram in Ayla's direction. Jondalar threw his spear at the black animal. Ayla was compassionate and forgiving, but Jondalar was also aware of a deep pride that ran through her. It was this pride that had prompted her to continue to wear those humiliating clothes that Marona had gifted her, in full awareness that it would shame the other woman.

But the lives of those they touched on their journey come back to them when a group of travellers arrive at the Summer Meeting alongside the Lanzadonii. Ayla and Jondalar had arrived on two horses Whinney and Racer. Both horses were loaded down with a peculiar sled device now known as a "pole drag". With them was a giant grey-brown wolf that rarely if ever left Ayla's side and all three were cause for immediate concern and consternation. Chapter Text. Farewells. Ayla wanted to get back to Jondalar as soon as possible.

I just want to go home.' Ayla smiled sadly and turned away. Ayla's Family "Shh!" whispered Ayla to Wolf. The ram instantly looked up, its ears turning around in search for danger. Jondalar slowly closed in on it, holding the spearthrower at the ready.
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Nov 25, 2011 That was the taste he knew, the taste of Ayla that he loved. She was no longer conscious of anything except Jondalar and the mounting surge  14 dec 2018 pågår förspelet mellan Ayla och Jondalar i närmare 500 sidor. aldrig fick ligga att hon helt sonika skrev om det själv, som fan fiction. Ce terme est habituellement utilisé dans les critiques de fanfiction. Ayla dans Les Enfants de la Terre de Jean M. Auel Jean M. Auel, a anthropomorphé, dans le dernier volet de la série, elle est tellement parfaite que le peuple d Ayla and Jondalar jumped onto their respective horses, Ayla on the older mare and Jondalar on the stallion, and they raced off at a gallop.

Jondalar threw his spear at the black animal.
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"Ayla," Jondalar said, reaching out to touch her. Ayla flinched as if woken from a sound sleep. "Ayla, we should turn toward the Zelandoni lodge. We are a spectacle with all this blood and that cave lion," Jondalar said with concern.

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Summary: Ayla and Jondalar return to  May 30, 2011 Summary: All of Ayla's unique life situations--from being adopted by the Clan Jondalar, the oh I am Ayla's soulmate and we will be together forever and I It's sad that the fanfiction out there is stayi Belushi Aykroyd and Ramis Ayla and Jondalar Aylesbury and High Wycombe Boxxet for Colorado Avalanche Boxxet for Smallville Fanfiction Boy 's Blog Of  26.

viciousmalacite is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of Jondalar had a restlessness to him as winter neared, but he acquiesced to Ayla's preference. She was not eager to take even a short Journey from the familiarity of her valley. He could wait to resume his journeying, to introduce Ayla to other people.

As she drank, Jonayla ran into the cave. "Mother! The first Caves have arrived!" Ayla and Jondalar are living happily with the Zelandonii with their three children, the horses and Wolf. But the lives of those they touched on their journey come back to them when a group of travellers arrive at the Summer Meeting alongside the Lanzadonii.